We always look to discover and meet inspiring people and projects near & far.
Our idea is to share with the world via film, the joy and excitement we get from meeting inspiring people and their projects.

In addition to sharing, we also initiate and support their projects and events.
We work to multiply creativity through the introduction of other creative partners as well as collaborative work with us.

If you have seen our film and are interested in our activities, have a project you wish to share
or would like to nominate someone, please contact us.

Let’s start a project together today.





Our Community

"Inspiring People & Projects" is made by the 4 members of chancemaker Film Connections with various other collaborators.

"インスパイリング ピープル & プロジェクツ"は、チャンスメーカー・フィルムコネクションズの4名が主体となり、様々な外部協力者によってチームは編成されています。

Hiroo Ninomiya

Director :
Hiroo Ninomiya / 二宮 宏央

twitter : @hiroo_ninomiya

Hiroo Ninomiya was born in Nara. After studying lacquer art work under
Mr. Kisui Tarui, he studied Video Direction under Mr. Katsuyuki Nakata.
Hiroo has produced many documentary style videos between
participating in various projects. He has been in many roles such as
business concept design, planning, creative direction and operations.
In 2003 he set up "Star Graphics" with Yoshitaka Shimura.
In 2011 he received a business model design award for a project done for
Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.
Afterwards he returned to video direction and worked on directing the same
company's documentary "Moving You".
In 2012 he joined "chancemaker" founded by Masaki Okada.
He currently lives in Kamakura.

を学ぶ。ドキュメンタリー手法で多数の映像を演出する傍ら、様々なプ ロジェクトに参画。
2003年、志村義隆と"Star Graphics"を結成。2011年、ヤマハ発動機株式会社のプロジェクトにて、ビジネスモデルとしてデザイン賞を受賞。その後、映像演出を再開、同社のドキュメンタリーシリーズ"Moving You"の演出も務める。2012年、岡田真紀の“chancemaker”に参画。

Masaki Okada

Producer :
Masaki Okada / 岡田 真紀

Masaki Okada was born in Kanazawa.
After studying Art and Design in London he returned to his hometown of
Kanazawa and opened a cafe salon named "salon Sui". He also moved
extensively into outdoor music festivals, empty building renovation
and also led on Non-profit Organization "v.i.v.a",
influencing the Kanazawa culture scene prior to the opening of
21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa.
Later he was involved in the creation of a short term
and highly recognized cafe at the 2nd Yokohama Triennale,
"gm YOKOHAMA", as a space for interaction between world artists, locals
and visitors. From 2006 he took part in a creative unit in Osaka, "graf",
as a producer for the development of new projects and frameworks.
In 2012 he founded "chancemaker". He has set out to produce
"Inspiring People & Projects" using the strength of film as his latest project.
He currently lives in Kyoto.

金沢生まれ。英国ロンドンでアートとデザインを学び帰国後、故郷 金沢にてカフェサロン
"salon Sui"(サロン スイ)を開業。NPO "v.i.v.a."を率い、野音祭や空きビルのリノベーション
その 後、第2回横浜トリエンナーレにて期間限定カフェ"gmYOKOHAMA"を手掛け、
世界のアーティストと来場者や市民のための「交流の場」を創り出し、 高く評価される。
最初の新規映像プロジェクトとして"Inspiring People & Projects"を手掛ける。京都在住。

James Gibson

Art Director :
James Gibson / ジェームズ ギブソン

James was born in England and is currently living in Otsu, Shiga prefecture.
In 2012 he joined "chancemaker" in association with
founding member Masaki Okada.
In 2011 he established "OKA SKATEBOARDS" with Yoshiro Mizokami making
hand-crafted hardwood skateboards.
James is also an Associate Professor at "IAMAS" (Institute of Media Arts and
Sciences), where he teaches Design Thinking, exploring ways to tackle social,
environmental, & sustainable design issues.
He cofounded "collect.apply" in 2006, where in addition to working on
client projects, he explored is passion for self-publishing producing several books discussing design, creative education, and social change.
Before moving to Japan in 2005 he worked as a Service Designer at live|work,
Human Interface & Research Designer at Sony Design Centre Europe & Tokyo,
and a Web Designer & cofounder of Lateral.

イギリス生まれ。滋賀県大津市在住。 "IAMAS"(情報科学芸術大学)にて准教授として、
教鞭をふるう。 2006年"コレクトアプライ"を設立すると、クライアントのプロジェクトに
書籍を生産する事にも、情熱を注ぐ。 2005年に日本に移るまで、彼は live|work にて
ヒューマンインタフェース研究デザイナーとして所属。 そして、Webデザイナー兼共同設営者
2011年 溝上吉郎と"OKA SKATEBOARDS"を設立。
2012年 岡田真紀の“chancemaker”に参画。

Masato Indo

Cinematographer :
Masato Indo / 印藤 正人

twitter : @inmasa

Masato Indo was born in Osaka.
He needs no words. His eyes are the viewfinder, his thoughts
and speech are expressed loudly through the camera.
He currently lives in Tokyo.




There are many people helping us, beyond the boundaries of film, in support of the inspiring people & projects we have encountered.


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