Shigeyoshi Doi / 土居 成吉


3rd Generation Proprietor of KONBU DOI.
Born 1943 in Osaka city.Shigeyoshi entered the family business without ever having worked for another company and up until the present day he has given no thought to expansion and has only been focused on quality.
The first director-general and now vice deputy chairman of a nation-wide organization that teaches food quality and safety.He has since succeeded the family business and cause to the eldest son Junichi Doi.

こんぶ土居 三代目店主。
1943年 大阪市生まれ。他人の飯を食うことなく家業に従事。規模拡大は全く考えず品質志向のみで現在に至る。食の安全と美味しさを考える全国組織『良い食品づくりの会』初代事務局長・現副会長。家業と理念は長男の土居純一が継承。